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Disinfecting Supplies to Stock Up on for Pandemics

When a pandemic occurs and you fear for your family's health and safety, it might be too late to get the supplies you need.  Think about those times when a bad storm is headed your way and the store sells out of essentials. With a pandemic, it will be difficult to get the most important things you need, so you need to stock up on them ahead of time and be prepared.  Let's take a look at the most important things you'll need to keep onhand. Bleach is an inexpensive solution for cleaning and it kills germs better than just [...]

Water Purification Methods

by Craig
A quick and effective way to purify water is through the use of purification tablets. These tablets can be bought at camping stores or through online stores. One tablet only purifies one liter of water, so you’ll need to have a bulk supply of these. The shelf life for the tablets is two years - so if you stock up, you’ll have to replace unused ones every two years. If the tablets get wet before being used, they lose their effectiveness. This isn’t an item that you want to use beyond the purification effectiveness date because unpurified water can make [...]

Other Areas in the House to Clean

by Craig
Bathroom or toilet area The next area that you should concentrate on sanitizing is the bathroom or your toilet area. Bathrooms are the perfect haven for germs and bacteria to thrive in and it’s one of the easiest places where fluids can splash. Two places that germs often lurk are the toilet handle and the faucets. The reason for this that many people wipe and then touch the toilet handle followed by the faucets. If you or someone else had feces on your hands - even a microscopic amount - then you’ve essentially created a playground for the Ebola virus [...]

Keeping a Sterilized Environment

by Craig
During an outbreak, it’s vital that you keep your environment as sterilized as possible. Illnesses like Ebola can have an incubation period of days to weeks. This means that you or someone you care about may already be infected with it but show no symptoms. Keeping your living area sterile can help prevent you or a loved one from contracting the illness from each other. Many viruses - including Ebola - can live on surfaces for hours to days after they’ve been contaminated. For this reason, never assume that just because someone isn’t showing symptoms, they haven’t contaminated your environment. [...]