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Traveling Safely in a World of Ebola Outbreaks

by Craig
Your daily routine can’t come to a standstill just because there is a serious Ebola outbreak going on. You still have to conduct business and earn what you need to take care of yourself and your family. If you have loved ones who live internationally, you’ll still want to be able to go and see them. However, in this age of viruses that can be so easily transmitted, you want to make sure that you travel safely. That means being smart about every step you take in your travel itinerary. First, one of the easiest ways that any virus, especially […]

Tracking Outbreaks to Protect Your Family from Danger

by Craig
In the areas where Ebola is the most active, there are several organizations keeping an eye on the virus, ready to report any big changes. The virus left its area of origin and has spread across the country. Some cases made it out of the country to other countries. The news has dutifully tracked this. You also need to track the outbreaks. When the Ebola virus or pandemics like it hit an area, the masses need to know what’s going on. Otherwise, you’re operating in the dark and you could end up accidentally heading into an area that’s become a […]

Do You Have a Generator to Keep Your Family Functioning?

by Craig
You’re going to need a way to have some electricity when there’s no way for you get any. Besides having solar panels in place, you should also have a generator. Not only are these good to have for when a pandemic hits, but they also come in handy during any time the power goes out. The size of the generator you purchase is going to depend on a few different factors. When you need power, you have to figure out what you need the power for – because different appliances use different amounts of wattage. You can find these listed […]

Disinfecting Supplies to Stock Up on for Pandemics

When a pandemic occurs and you fear for your family’s health and safety, it might be too late to get the supplies you need.  Think about those times when a bad storm is headed your way and the store sells out of essentials. With a pandemic, it will be difficult to get the most important things you need, so you need to stock up on them ahead of time and be prepared.  Let’s take a look at the most important things you’ll need to keep onhand. Bleach is an inexpensive solution for cleaning and it kills germs better than just […]

Treatment for Ailments to Avoid Hot Zones

by Craig
It’s so ingrained in people to head to the store or the doctor when they need treatment for ailments that when they need it, they go right then and there. During normal life, that’s fine – but when there’s a pandemic, that action could introduce them to the Ebola virus. It’s foolish to head right into the hot zone where all of the other potentially sick people are – just because you don’t have what you need at home. That’s why it’s so important that you take stock of what you have and begin to set aside a supply of […]

Protection Is a Must During a Pandemic

by Craig
You’ll need to be aware of any late breaking news in the event of a pandemic. Since you may not be able to count on society working the way it has, you’ll need to make sure that you have items that don’t rely on an electricity infrastructure to operate. Emergency broadcasts will still be done – even if society breaks down during a pandemic. So you’ll want to make sure that you have a solar powered radio. You’ll also want to make sure that you have solar powered flashlights and light sticks so that you can see in the event […]

Electromagnetic Pulse

by Craig
What is electromagnetic pulse? When it comes to electromagnetic pulse, many people connect it to a nuclear bomb going off. But this type of weapon doesn’t have to be linked to a nuclear bomb to be just as devastating. Using today’s technology, weapons using a force of electromagnetic pulse are in existence. This means that a country can experience the fallout from a nuclear bomb – but without ever having been hit with a nuclear bomb all because of the power of the shock wave. No country is safe Every country is vulnerable to this threat. Many countries have the […]

When Economic Collapse

by Craig
Financial Crisis in Greece If you remember what happened with the financial crisis in Greece, then you know that economic collapse isn’t just a threat – it’s already begun. You wouldn’t necessarily believe that from reading the news. But the news doesn’t have access to the top secret insider information that the government does. The truth is that trouble is already knocking on your door. Take a look around at what’s going on in the world. Debts in countries all over the world has skyrocketed. Not one single country is fiscally solvent and yet all of these countries keep going […]

The Importance of Data Protection in Disaster Recovery

When one speaks of disaster recovery, the most common and primary thing that comes to mind is fiscal recovery. Questions like how will the company survive after an earthquake leveled a major business center in the country how will the company move on with the loss of a key officer and how can the company pick itself up after a massive information theft are actually some of the what-if that pop out. What most people are concentrating on is the financial side of the business, but what about data recovery? Disaster recovery is not just all about picking up after […]

When Disaster Strikes

  What to Do The first few moments immediately following a disaster are critical. In order to ensure long-term survival, you obviously need to ensure your short-term survival first. You do this by taking stock of your situation, reacting appropriately, and executing your retreat plan. Taking Stock of the Situation As soon as you realize something is wrong, you need to determine exactly what is happening. Turn on the radio, turn on the television, and check the Internet. Believe it or not, Twitter.com can be very useful for gathering real-time information. In 2011, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck near Washington D.C. […]