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The Importance of Data Protection in Disaster Recovery

https://youtu.be/xOFX-F8s_hU When one speaks of disaster recovery, the most common and primary thing that comes to mind is fiscal recovery. Questions like how will the company survive after an earthquake leveled a major business center in the country how will the company move on with the loss of a key officer and how can the company pick itself up after a massive information theft are actually some of the what-if that pop out. What most people are concentrating on is the financial side of the business, but what about data recovery? Disaster recovery is not just all about picking up [...]

Emergency Preparedness Kit: Lifeline during Disaster

https://youtu.be/_4i9cOqTODo Emergency Preparedness Kit: Lifeline during Disaster During an emergency situation or a disaster, it is very helpful to have an extra supply of survival materials. A supply of survival materials may include, first aid kits, medicines, food and water primarily and even money. It is also ideal to have supplies sufficient for the next seventy two hours, equivalent to three days, while other members of the family, rescuers or emergency responders are focusing their attention to people with urgent necessities. Whatever the nature of the emergency situation, it is best to keep an emergency kit always.   Surprisingly, the [...]

Ultimate Survival: A Program Presented by Bear Grylls

https://youtu.be/fDu0E-0Guks Ultimate Survival: A Program Presented by Bear Grylls Discovery Channel, one of the most-watched cable channels in America has produced several shows that feature popular science, geography and history. It has also aired reality shows and shows that feature the wilderness, wild animals and people surviving in the wild. One of the shows that it has aired in America is Ultimate Survival. Ultimate Survival is a kind of show that features survival skills and techniques. The show features the wildlife quests of Bear Grylls. Various episodes show the adventures of Bear Grylls and his struggle to survive different harsh [...]

Emergency Planning: Focusing on Preparation

https://youtu.be/MDjJmXHbkW4 Emergency Planning: Focusing on Preparation Have you been asked by these questions before? What"s inside your fridge right now? Is your dog food or cat food edible by humans? Do you have an emergency meeting place for your family? Who ís going to get your kids in school, in case, you did not make it? Do you even have dogs at home? Well, these questions could be some what intimidating, privacy intruding, and all the more, unusual for you to answer. But, if you are familiar with emergency planning, you will instantly know that the inquirer may be talking [...]

How to Build an Emergency preparedness kit with the Canadian Red Cross

https://youtu.be/CAGrCz15xxA The Mission of Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness The Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness or CCEP is one of the many emergency agencies in North America that upholds awareness of appropriate, timely and practical training for emergency preparedness of family, companies, private and public organization. The Centre is operating under a non-profit model. The Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness believes that the ultimate weapon against disaster is knowledge and skills. Get to know more about the organization and learn how you can be a big part of their activities. Mission Statement of the Organization According to the mission statement [...]

Survivor: A Popular Reality Game Show

  https://youtu.be/XgixiXxNavo Survivor: A Popular Reality Game Show Survivor is one of the most popular reality television shows in America and in the world. The show began its original run of its first season in 2000 and has spawned fifteen seasons to date. Additional seasons have also been proposed. The creation of its format was made by Charlie Parsons in 1992. Its format was first adapted in Expedition: Robinson, a Swedish show aired in 1997. Its US version was regarded as the mother of reality television in America. Survivor is one of the highly-rated television shows in the history of [...]

Survivor or Castaway: Your Island Survival Guide

by Craig
If you are stuck in an island, you definitely have two choices to make, whether you will stay cast away or be a survivor. You will most likely choose the second option. But definitely your top concern when stuck in an island is to survive. So, in order to prepare for the worst case scenario, here is your island survival guide. Staying alive in an island There are basically two reasons why people can get stranded in an island. First is through air plane crash and the second is ship wreck. Either way, you should to know how to stay [...]