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When Disaster Strikes

  What to Do The first few moments immediately following a disaster are critical. In order to ensure long-term survival, you obviously need to ensure your short-term survival first. You do this by taking stock of your situation, reacting appropriately, and executing your retreat plan. Taking Stock of the Situation As soon as you realize something is wrong, you need to determine exactly what is happening. Turn on the radio, turn on the television, and check the Internet. Believe it or not, Twitter.com can be very useful for gathering real-time information. In 2011, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck near Washington D.C. […]

Emergency Preparedness Kit: Lifeline during Disaster

Emergency Preparedness Kit: Lifeline during Disaster During an emergency situation or a disaster, it is very helpful to have an extra supply of survival materials. A supply of survival materials may include, first aid kits, medicines, food and water primarily and even money. It is also ideal to have supplies sufficient for the next seventy two hours, equivalent to three days, while other members of the family, rescuers or emergency responders are focusing their attention to people with urgent necessities. Whatever the nature of the emergency situation, it is best to keep an emergency kit always.   Surprisingly, the items […]

Emergency Preparedness Items: Earthquake Survival Kit

by Craig
Emergency preparedness items have become a staple supply in many homes in the United States. Many home owners have now realized the importance of getting prepared for the worse times and as they always say, better be safe than sorry. You have gathered in your customized bag all necessary emergency preparedness items: flashlights, matches, food, water, radio, medicine, blankets, tools, keys and cash. But what if something’s missing or lacking in your emergency preparedness items? What if you are living in an earthquake-prone region? Are your items considered to be a good earthquake survival kit? Earthquakes may happen anytime Although […]