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Do You Have a Generator to Keep Your Family Functioning?

by Craig
You're going to need a way to have some electricity when there's no way for you get any. Besides having solar panels in place, you should also have a generator. Not only are these good to have for when a pandemic hits, but they also come in handy during any time the power goes out. The size of the generator you purchase is going to depend on a few different factors. When you need power, you have to figure out what you need the power for - because different appliances use different amounts of wattage. You can find these listed [...]

Safety and Protection in a Pandemic

by Craig
What you’re going to need after you have a plan to provide food, shelter and other basic needs for yourself and your family is to make sure that you have what you need to keep from getting the virus. You’re going to also need a way to protect your personal safety. Whenever a pandemic occurs, there is often a collapse of certain societal norms - such as the ability to get food and water, gas and even money. When that happens, there can be factions of people who decide that they’re going walk outside of the boundaries of the law [...]

Survival Supplies: Helping You Stay Alive

  Survival supplies refer to the materials that are essential in keeping human life safe especially when his activity involves isolation from his ordinary survival tools, such activities are, typically, mountain climbing, nature trekking, camping and even ordinary activities like plane travel or cruise vacation. Survival supplies do not necessarily guarantee a one hundred percent life saving activity, but these supplies will surely help in the worst of scenarios. Survival supplies include survival kits Survival supplies are usually included in life saving survival kits. But it is always advisable to take with you extra supplies of life saving materials. These [...]

A Survival Gear for a Survival Activity

by Craig
To survive in different harsh circumstances and activities, individuals have to bring with them necessary survival gears. Mountaineering, scuba diving, and camping are a few of the activities that may involve risks. People engaged in these activities should have at least a helpful survival gear. Survival gears are important to soldiers and other military men. A survival gear is usually carried by marines during combat actions. A survival kit is one important portable survival gear used by marines to cope up with the actions and to help their soldier brothers in need. The importance of Survival gears Not only do [...]

Ultimate Survival: A Program Presented by Bear Grylls

https://youtu.be/fDu0E-0Guks Ultimate Survival: A Program Presented by Bear Grylls Discovery Channel, one of the most-watched cable channels in America has produced several shows that feature popular science, geography and history. It has also aired reality shows and shows that feature the wilderness, wild animals and people surviving in the wild. One of the shows that it has aired in America is Ultimate Survival. Ultimate Survival is a kind of show that features survival skills and techniques. The show features the wildlife quests of Bear Grylls. Various episodes show the adventures of Bear Grylls and his struggle to survive different harsh [...]