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Know How to Hunt and Fish for Your Family If a Pandemic Lasts Longer

by Craig
Everyone hopes that when a pandemic hits, it will be over quickly. But a pandemic isn’t something that can always be charted precisely. They can last for a few weeks, a few months or stretch toward a year or more before it’s brought under control. Regardless of how prepared you are with your food supply, you should always take into consideration that something could happen to that supply. In the event that something does go wrong and you run short on supplies or your food supply is destroyed, you may not be able to bring more in the way you […]

Hidden Gardens Can Save Your Lives

by Craig
When a pandemic hits, life can quickly get into an uproar. The risk of martial law is high because ordinary citizens will often become desperate in their attempts to get what they need to survive. This means that people who would normally obey the laws of the land won’t – because they’ll be looking for a way to survive, too. The unprepared won’t hesitate to come after the goods of the prepared. Don’t Get Obvious That You Are Prepared So you don’t want to make it obvious that you’re well prepared for an outbreak. These kind of gardens blend in […]

The Importance of Water Storage

The Importance of Water Storage Water is one of the basic needs of men and among the most important elements of life. It is essential for numerous reasons. It is needed for hydration in order to survive. People have to drink water regularly in order to replenish the loss of liquid in the body and to quench the thirst. Water is vital to a human body. Purified water is needed for optimum health. It is also used for other important activities of men such as bathing, cleaning and cooking. Sources of Water Water can come from rain, stream or through […]

Ultimate Survival: A Program Presented by Bear Grylls

Ultimate Survival: A Program Presented by Bear Grylls Discovery Channel, one of the most-watched cable channels in America has produced several shows that feature popular science, geography and history. It has also aired reality shows and shows that feature the wilderness, wild animals and people surviving in the wild. One of the shows that it has aired in America is Ultimate Survival. Ultimate Survival is a kind of show that features survival skills and techniques. The show features the wildlife quests of Bear Grylls. Various episodes show the adventures of Bear Grylls and his struggle to survive different harsh conditions […]

Survivor or Castaway: Your Island Survival Guide

by Craig
If you are stuck in an island, you definitely have two choices to make, whether you will stay cast away or be a survivor. You will most likely choose the second option. But definitely your top concern when stuck in an island is to survive. So, in order to prepare for the worst case scenario, here is your island survival guide. Staying alive in an island There are basically two reasons why people can get stranded in an island. First is through air plane crash and the second is ship wreck. Either way, you should to know how to stay […]

Family Survival Guide: Finding Water in the Wild

by Craig
Surviving in the wild is a no reality TV adventure. According to US stats, there have been a significant number of deaths related to being lost in the woods or wilderness. Family members, particularly, love to spend holidays nature trekking. But how do you find food and survive in a place there are no faucets, no department stores, and no cell phone signals, if lost in the wilderness, what is your family survival guide. Are you even prepared? Here are some practical tips In order for your family to survive in the wilderness, here are some practical tips you can […]