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Hidden Gardens Can Save Your Lives

Hidden Gardens Can Save Your Lives

by Craig

When a pandemic hits, life can quickly get into an uproar. The risk of martial law is high because ordinary citizens will often become desperate in their attempts to get what they need to survive.

This means that people who would normally obey the laws of the land won’t – because they’ll be looking for a way to survive, too. The unprepared won’t hesitate to come after the goods of the prepared.

Don’t Get Obvious That You Are Prepared

So you don’t want to make it obvious that you’re well prepared for an outbreak. These kind of gardens blend in with their surroundings and don’t look noticeable to anyone who might happen to be passing by.

It’s tucked away right in the middle of natural vegetation, so it just looks like brush. But you can grow foods from hidden gardens, also called permaculture gardens, with a minimal effort.

What is permaculture gardens?

These types of gardens don’t take a lot of room or time to build. And they’re capable of more yield than a regular garden. It can feed you for a good length of time without you having to use any kind of pesticide treatment and without you having to pull out any pesky weeds.

These kinds of gardens use natural compost so the soil is always rich and ready. Nature knows how to protect itself and how to thrive what it grows without any help from man.

This is what you can tap into when you’re using hidden gardens to grow food. If you’ll notice, in nature, there never seems to be a shortage of rich, vibrant plants in shady areas.

That’s because that’s what those plants need to thrive and you’ll use the same concept when you’re planting. You’ll put things that need shade closer to the taller plants and trees that provide it.

Plants that need more sunlight

Plants that need more sunlight, you’ll lay them out beyond the shade scope. You’ll also put into place plants that will naturally protect your garden from animals that would eat it.

Every animal has a type of plant, flower, vegetable or fruit that it knows instinctively to avoid. You’ll plant these items in a way that will circle and protect your items.

When planting a hidden garden, you don’t lay one out the way you would a regular garden. These kinds aren’t planted as row after row of plants or seeds. Instead, they’re planted as layers.

So when someone walks upon it, all they see is ground cover – but what can actually be there is something like beans, cucumbers, blueberries and more. To someone who doesn’t know what he’s looking for, it all looks like overgrown nature.

The way that you’ll make sure that your garden has enough water to sustain it is by using natural rainwater. In nature, rain always runs from higher ground to lower ground.

You can use water runoff from above your garden to collect and water your plants from the ground up by using ridges to keep the water where you need it to be.

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