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Tracking Outbreaks to Protect Your Family from Danger

Tracking Outbreaks to Protect Your Family from Danger

by Craig

In the areas where Ebola is the most active, there are several organizations keeping an eye on the virus, ready to report any big changes. The virus left its area of origin and has spread across the country.

Some cases made it out of the country to other countries. The news has dutifully tracked this. You also need to track the outbreaks. When the Ebola virus or pandemics like it hit an area, the masses need to know what’s going on.

Otherwise, you’re operating in the dark and you could end up accidentally heading into an area that’s become a hot zone. Staying informed of where you shouldn’t go can help protect your family.

Knowing what’s going on with the outbreak can clue you in as to whether or not you need to vacate your area. You don’t want to rely on just one source when it comes to keeping up to date because some news organizations could have information that other ones don’t.

Use Internet to track outbreak

You want to be up to the minute. One of the best ways to keep track of what’s going on with the outbreak is by using the Internet. You can see breaking news online and the majority of news organizations do have an online presence.

But even better than that, the Internet has real people communicating second by second on various social media outlets. You could be able to hear the up to date news as it happens thanks to this human news chain.

Besides the Internet, you’ll want to be aware of what the news is saying on the television and radio stations. The local news in your area will cover things specific to where you live.

So you get a closer to home approach with the news that way. If there are any evacuations in place, your local news will have that first before other news stations will.

Keep an eye on the newspapers as well. The newspaper will often do a projected path for an outbreak just like they do with a projected landfall when a hurricane is going to hit the coast.

These projected paths are usually pretty close to what happens so you’ll want to pay attention to those. Newspapers are good to in the event that electricity goes out and you can’t access the Internet or the news stations that you want to see.

The possibility of losing power is one of the reasons that you want to have a battery operated radio on standby. The radio can give you the news as it happens, and can also alert you to any emergency situations. So make sure you have a supply of batteries onhand to keep your radio running.

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