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Traveling Safely in a World of Ebola Outbreaks

by Craig
Your daily routine can’t come to a standstill just because there is a serious Ebola outbreak going on. You still have to conduct business and earn what you need to take care of yourself and your family. If you have loved ones who live internationally, you’ll still want to be able to go and see them. However, in this age of viruses that can be so easily transmitted, you want to make sure that you travel safely. That means being smart about every step you take in your travel itinerary. First, one of the easiest ways that any virus, especially […]

Laundering Your Clothes By Hand

by Craig
The electric washing machine and dryer are time and labor saving devices, but they’ve only been around for the masses for about 60 years.  For thousands of years before that people had to do their laundry by hand. If you’re ever in a survival situation and don’t have the electricity or other resources needed to do your laundry by machine, then you’ll need to do laundry by hand.  It will take extra work, but you’ll find you can get your clothes very clean. Laundering clothes frequently is especially crucial in the event of a pandemic that’s viral in nature. You […]