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Treating the Isolation Patient of Ebola Virus

by Craig
No one should be allowed to leave the tents once they’re quarantined. If you’re the patient, you should make sure you stay put for the required three week period. The Ebola virus is a very serious virus The Ebola virus is a very serious virus and should be treated as such. No matter how much you or other family members or friends care about the person who may be ill, now is not the time to allow visitors. This means that if the person is able to care for his or her needs on their own, they should do that. [...]

Other Areas in the House to Clean

by Craig
Bathroom or toilet area The next area that you should concentrate on sanitizing is the bathroom or your toilet area. Bathrooms are the perfect haven for germs and bacteria to thrive in and it’s one of the easiest places where fluids can splash. Two places that germs often lurk are the toilet handle and the faucets. The reason for this that many people wipe and then touch the toilet handle followed by the faucets. If you or someone else had feces on your hands - even a microscopic amount - then you’ve essentially created a playground for the Ebola virus [...]

Keeping a Sterilized Environment

by Craig
During an outbreak, it’s vital that you keep your environment as sterilized as possible. Illnesses like Ebola can have an incubation period of days to weeks. This means that you or someone you care about may already be infected with it but show no symptoms. Keeping your living area sterile can help prevent you or a loved one from contracting the illness from each other. Many viruses - including Ebola - can live on surfaces for hours to days after they’ve been contaminated. For this reason, never assume that just because someone isn’t showing symptoms, they haven’t contaminated your environment. [...]