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Sanitizing Your Kitchen to Kill Germs

Sanitizing Your Kitchen to Kill Germs

by Craig

One of the most important areas to keep clean is your kitchen or food preparation area. Food is fuel for the body and can keep you strong and healthy as you wait out the next pandemic.

Surfaces that have been coughed on or sneezed on should always be promptly treated with disinfectant. You should try to keep your food prep area as tidy as possible to prevent the germs from landing on an item and being overlooked during cleaning.

Counters and cutting boards first

The first things you should clean are your counters, any cutting boards, and other food preparation surfaces. These can be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap. Allow these areas to air dry when you’re done scrubbing them.

The next item you should clean is your stove or cooking appliance. Any item at all that you think might be at risk of contamination should be cleaned. As you clean the kitchen, don’t forget to look for places that are frequently touched during everyday use.

These include buttons on your stovetop, knobs on your kitchen cabinets, and the handles of your silverware. Since many people forget to clean these areas, they are a good breeding ground for bacteria and other germs.

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