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Brands of Hiking Backpacks for Outdoor Adventure

Brands of Hiking Backpacks for Outdoor Adventure

by Craig

A hiking backpack

A hiking backpack is an important component in some wilderness adventures like mountaineering, camping, skiing or going for a short trip. Tourists may likely bring a hiking backpack that can store the necessary materials such as clothing, water storage container, survival kits and other things deemed necessary for a short trip.

Comes with different designs

A hiking backpack can be of different designs, sizes and component materials. They are mostly used for outdoor pursuits and should be durable enough to carry a heavy load of materials needed by campers and tourists.

There are different brands and manufacturers of hiking backpacks. They can include Alps Mountaineering, Arc’teryx, Black Diamond, Eastpak, Jansport, Camelbak, Camp Trails, Eagle Creek, Dana Design, Greogry, Kelty, Mountainsmith, Outdoor Products, and VauDe Sports.

Popular brands

JanSport and Eastpak are among the popular brands of backpack. Aside from hiking backpacks, there are backpacks under these brands designed for students. Thus, they are popular among students and university campuses. These brands of backpacks are currently owned by VF Corporation, one of the largest apparel corporations in the world.

jansport backpackJanSport hiking backpack

JanSport was founded in Seattle Washington in 1967 by Skip Yowell, Murray Pletz and Jan Lewis. It is currently headquartered in San Leandro, California. It currently holds the recognition of being the largest backpack maker in the world.


eastpak backpack

Eastpak hiking backpack

Meanwhile, Eastpak is one of the popular brands of backpacks in the world. It started as Eastern Canvas Products established by Monte Goldman in 1960 for the armed forces. Upon the request of his son, Monte changed the brand into what it is known today. Aside from backpacks, products that have Eastpak brand are wallets and bags.


Arcteryx backpack

Arc’teryx hiking backpack

Arc’teryx is a Canadian brand of outdoor equipment products. It has products related to the sports and activities of hiking, climbing, backpacking, snowboarding and skiing. It started in 1991 in North Vancouver, Canada.

A hiking backpack can be considered a survival equipment. The necessary materials can be stored in the backpack by individuals. It could be the best gear around when going for a fun-filled adventure out of town, country or home. There are water-proof backpacks, ultra-light backpacks, women’s backpacks and backpacks designed to carry a heavy load.

You can check more brands and manufacturers online. There could be a lot of brands of hiking backpacks in the market. You may have to use the Internet, search for the various brands and compare their prices and features. You could determine their quality from the product reviews. Magazines such as Backpacker Magazine and Outside Magazine can contain reviews of the different hiking backpacks.

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