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The Best Things to Have in Your First Aid Kit During a Pandemic

by Craig
The ready-made kits that you can buy at the store or online are packed with the basic items needed during a regular first aid emergency situation. They are not prepared for pandemics, so you’ll need to make sure that your kit has what will come in handy during a viral health situation like bird flu or Ebola. Every first aid kit should have at least the basics when you buy it – but you can build onto that kit by adding what it’s lacking. You can find some first aid kits that are specifically built for pandemic use – or […]

Stock Up on Vitamins to Boost Your Immune System

by Craig
During stressful situations, your immune system will naturally become stressed and this can make you more vulnerable to infection.  It’s important to stock up on vitamins that will help your immune system stay in tip top shape. Vitamin C as immune booster Vitamin C is known for its immune boosting effects.  Keeping a supply of it onhand can help you stave off illness.  Vitamin C, though, isn’t the only vitamin that will help you and many scientists believe that vitamin C works in connection with other vitamins but isn’t as effective alone. Selenium is a mineral that’s been shown in […]

Survival Food Storage

by Craig
You want to stockpile food while there’s still time. The stuff that you get from the grocery store isn’t going to last forever, but there are ways you can store food so that it keeps for several years and helps you and your family survive. If you start now, you can have your supply onhand before there’s a rush on grocery stores and the supplies you want are gone. The way that you store food will determine if it will make it for the long haul or not. Food can keep in dry, cool storage for many years – even […]

Symptoms of Ebola Virus

by Craig
Symptoms #1 Flu-like One of the reasons that Ebola is so frightening is because it can mimic the flu at first. Most people won’t go see the doctor when they experience flu-like symptoms. They’ll wait a couple of days to see if they get any better. And because this virus has no cure, that makes it even more dangerous. At the first start of the virus, you may notice that you just feel “off.” Symptoms #2 Headache You might have a headache ranging from mild to severe. Achy muscles are another symptom. Having a lower backache is also a common […]

Civil Unrest

by Craig
If you think that civil unrest is something that doesn’t happen very often, then you haven’t been paying attention. Civil unrest has become common place. It’s what happens when people get mad and decide that they’re going to protest or riot or hold demonstrations. During times of civil unrest, chaos always follows, regardless of how peaceful a protest first started. Anarchy raises its head and the norms of society break down and it becomes every man for himself. The real intent of the protest The original intent of the protest is buried beneath the herd mentality that takes over when […]

Brands of Hiking Backpacks for Outdoor Adventure

by Craig
A hiking backpack A hiking backpack is an important component in some wilderness adventures like mountaineering, camping, skiing or going for a short trip. Tourists may likely bring a hiking backpack that can store the necessary materials such as clothing, water storage container, survival kits and other things deemed necessary for a short trip. Comes with different designs A hiking backpack can be of different designs, sizes and component materials. They are mostly used for outdoor pursuits and should be durable enough to carry a heavy load of materials needed by campers and tourists. There are different brands and manufacturers […]

Earthquake Survival: What To Do During A Quake?

by Craig
You Cannot Hide From Earthquakes When you feel that the surrounding is rattling and the house is shaking in unusually, you know that something is wrong underneath the earth’s surface. Quakes or earthquakes are without a doubt one of the most dreaded natural disasters. In fact, it’s even worse than typhoons or hurricanes. Although seismographs can detect the slightest changes in the movement of the earth, it cannot however allow people to migrate or evacuate when worse quakes suddenly occur. Unlike typhoons, for which weather predictions can warn people of incoming atmospheric disturbances, people cannot hide from earthquakes. Earthquake Survival […]