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Symptoms of Ebola Virus

Symptoms of Ebola Virus

by Craig

Symptoms #1 Flu-like

One of the reasons that Ebola is so frightening is because it can mimic the flu at first. Most people won’t go see the doctor when they experience flu-like symptoms.

They’ll wait a couple of days to see if they get any better. And because this virus has no cure, that makes it even more dangerous. At the first start of the virus, you may notice that you just feel “off.”

Symptoms #2 Headache

You might have a headache ranging from mild to severe. Achy muscles are another symptom. Having a lower backache is also a common symptom. Sore throats can occur when you’re infected with the Ebola virus.

Symptoms #3 Stomach Pain and Nausea

You can feel extremely fatigued and feel weak. There may be experiences of stomach pain and nausea. Not having an appetite is common and so is vomiting. At some point, you may develop a high fever as your body makes an attempt to fight off this virus.

All of these symptoms fool people into thinking that they just have the flu. But, this virus continues to cause your health to worsen and so the symptoms become even more pronounced.

Symptoms #4 Bleeding From The Body’s Orifices

Eventually, there will be bleeding from the body’s orifices. This includes the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Most people will at this point then realize that something is seriously wrong.

Symptoms #5 Rectal Bleeding

However, Ebola can also cause rectal bleeding as well. The reason that the virus causes blood to seep from the body in various places is because it attacks your body’s ability to clot blood.

The virus overwhelms the cells and they can’t work to clot the blood as fast as the virus can work to destroy the cells. Swelling in various parts of the body can also happen.

Symptoms #6 Rashes

Some people will experience a rash along with the reddening of the eyes, but not every patient will develop this symptom. Someone infected with the virus usually dies because of how the virus ravages the body’s organs and because the blood pressure drops too low from the bleeding out.

The long term prognosis of surviving Ebola stands at 10% or slightly more for those who contract the virus. It’s a grim statistic, and one you should be very aware of so that you can be prepared.

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