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Ebola Facts and Possibilities

Ebola Facts and Possibilities

by Craig

The name for the Ebola virus is derived from the Ebola River due to the location of the first outbreaks in the mid 70s. It’s being called an Ebola crisis because of the sheer number of deaths the outbreak has caused.

Experts are telling people not to worry, that there’s virtually no chance the outbreak will spread to other countries. They’re saying that no other countries will face the epidemic like the one being experienced in its country of origin.

But these same experts said the same thing about other epidemics and yet they spread from their country of origin. It only takes one person infected to spread the infection to countless others.

Many serious outbreaks, including Ebola can spread like wildfire. How easily? Imagine a theater full of people. One of them is infected with Ebola but doesn’t know it yet.

Virus in the air

He coughs and his droplets hang on the air and then are inhaled by the man in front of him who opens his mouth to laugh at a funny scene in the movie. Just like that, a pandemic is born.

You need to educate yourself about Ebola so that you can protect yourself and your family. That’s how you win the battle against anything – with the knowledge you need to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Ebola is a virus and there is more than one type of this virus. There are five. Many people don’t have a lot of knowledge about it. What they mostly know about it is that it can cause bleeding to come from an infected person.

Symptoms are not immediate

Someone can get infected with the virus and it can take anywhere from 48 hours to three weeks before you notice any symptoms – and every case is unique. So that means that person can go about their normal activities spreading it to more people, not even knowing that he or she is carrying such a deadly virus.

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