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The Best Things to Have in Your First Aid Kit During a Pandemic

by Craig
The ready-made kits that you can buy at the store or online are packed with the basic items needed during a regular first aid emergency situation. They are not prepared for pandemics, so you’ll need to make sure that your kit has what will come in handy during a viral health situation like bird flu or Ebola. Every first aid kit should have at least the basics when you buy it – but you can build onto that kit by adding what it’s lacking. You can find some first aid kits that are specifically built for pandemic use – or […]

How to Quarantine Your Family During an Outbreak

by Craig
  Photo courtesy During a disease outbreak, you may need to quarantine your family to keep disease from entering into your home.  But it’s difficult to quarantine your family if you don’t have supplies on-hand to survive during a long period of time. You may also encounter a situation where you have a sick family member that needs to be quarantined from the rest of the household. If you don’t come in close contact with a virus, you can’t get sick from it. The purpose of quarantine, then, is to prevent the possibility of coming into contact with a virus […]

How to Homeschool Your Kids in the Midst of a Pandemic

by Craig
How to Homeschool Your Kids in the Midst of a Pandemic] When a pandemic strikes, life as you know it will be altered. You’ll be forced to make decisions that could impact the health of your family. While certain things may cease to function, you can’t ignore a child’s education. If schools are still operating, you’ll be forced to send your child into the school. During a pandemic, this could be a bad thing for your child and your family because wherever large groups of people congregate, the germs can thrive. This is why when one child gets sick in […]

Building a Separate Attachment for Quarantine Purposes

by Craig
If someone in your family becomes ill, it may be necessary to put them into quarantine.  Of course, you want to take care of your loved ones, but you also want to minimize infecting people who are not ill. If you have a recreational vehicle, a pool house, garage apartment, detached garage, or guest cottage, you’ll have an easy time converting it into a quarantine area.  You’ll start by cleaning out the area to make room for people who are ill and sealing off any exits and windows with plastic sheeting and duct tape. You’ll also want to create a […]

Surviving an Ebola Economy Crash

by Craig
A virus that has no cure is the perfect harbinger of an economic collapse. For those who think it can’t happen in their countries because Ebola is “over there,” then you should know a few facts. The Ebola virus has already left its original boundaries. The experts that are telling you that you have nothing to worry about are already looking worried themselves. In fact, the CDC and WHO knows the potential risks that the Ebola virus can make it outside its host country. This risk is present because of the volume of international travel. That’s why the LAX has […]

Protection Is a Must During a Pandemic

by Craig
You’ll need to be aware of any late breaking news in the event of a pandemic. Since you may not be able to count on society working the way it has, you’ll need to make sure that you have items that don’t rely on an electricity infrastructure to operate. Emergency broadcasts will still be done – even if society breaks down during a pandemic. So you’ll want to make sure that you have a solar powered radio. You’ll also want to make sure that you have solar powered flashlights and light sticks so that you can see in the event […]