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What to Do If You See Ebola Symptoms

What to Do If You See Ebola Symptoms

by Craig

In the event of an emergency such as the fallout from a pandemic, most people will continue to do what they’ve always done – and in the case of the Ebola virus – doing what they’ve always done can be deadly.

Just think, if you’re going to head to the hospital because you think you have Ebola symptoms, where do you think the other people experiencing similar symptoms are also going?

Avoid hospital and quarantine center

You’re going to remove yourself from what is a safer environment for you to be in to place yourself in a worse one. You don’t want to do this for several reasons but the main two reasons are first because you don’t know for sure that you even have the virus.

So by heading to the hospital or quarantine center, you could actually be putting yourself right into the middle of the worst place in the world to be. If you don’t have it but go where it is, you could end up getting it just because you’re there.

Secondly, the quarantine centers are going to be overrun with people who may or may not have the virus. So besides the risk of exposure, you’re not going to get a very good level of treatment.

You could be one of many who have the virus and you’ll be sitting and waiting just like everyone else. Or it could be that your body has the ability to fight off the virus but you end up catching something else on top of it because you’re around so many sick people.

Worse is that when you’re there, if you don’t have it, because of having been exposed, the center or hospital may have no choice but to force you to stay there even though you’re not sick – just to quarantine you for exposure.

Once you’ve been exposed, they can’t allow you to leave and possibly infect others. You don’t get to change your mind and leave. You’re stuck there until your blood tests come back clear from the virus and that can take at least three days with you being held in isolation.

There is a better way to handle it if you see symptoms show up in yourself or in any of your loved ones.

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