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Isolate and Quarantine at Home in Case of Ebola Virus

Isolate and Quarantine at Home in Case of Ebola Virus

by Craig

Whether it’s you or someone else you love, you need to separate yourself from others. The best way that you can do this is by using a tent. Just like the tent that can be used to put in place a 21 day quarantine for new people joining your group, you can use the tent for anyone showing signs of the virus.

If it’s yourself, go immediately to the isolation tent and if you’re not prepared, you’ll have to arrange for someone to leave supplies without coming into contact with you.

Isolation Tent Is Necessary

This is why it’s better to have the isolation tent set up and ready for use before you even think you’ll need it. Inside the tent, you’ll need certain supplies. The person in quarantine will need a way to communicate with a caretaker in the event that he or she needs something.

Being in quarantine for 21 days can start to weigh on the nerves if the patient only has mild symptoms. If the symptoms worsen, the patient more than likely won’t feel up to doing much except for resting.

But in the beginning you’ll want to make sure that the person inside has some access to the outside world. This can be something like an electrical cord running into the tent to be able to supply power to a laptop.

You’ll also need other forms of entertainment in the tent such as a deck of cards or puzzles. If you’re the patient and there’s no one around to help you, you’ll need to keep plenty of disposable water within reach and snacks as well as meals if your body is able to hold down food.

Getting weak from a lack of food can only make you feel worse and weaken your body. There should be a covered bucket that contains biohazard waste bags to handle your bathroom needs.

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