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How to Survive on Your Own

How to Survive on Your Own

by Craig

Solo survival is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you don’t have to worry about the well-being and safety of other people traveling with you. Nobody slows you down and nobody can accidentally leave you behind — or end up getting left behind. On the other hand, everything you do has to be done on your own. Nobody will be able to help you share the workload. Nobody will be there to keep watch as you sleep. Here are some guidelines for successfully surviving by yourself.

Be self-sufficient

Since you’ll be traveling by yourself, you must carry everything you need for survival until you can reach your retreat site. Keep a lightweight emergency kit, even if you have a vehicle. If you have to get out and move on foot, you won’t be able to lug three large plastic tubs of supplies around the wilderness.

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Be wary

If you’re on your way to your retreat site and you’re invited to join another group or individual, don’t accept unless you know them personally. Too many desperate people will be willing to do too many desperate things during a crisis situation. Don’t worry about being rude — remember: you’re the only one who is going to look out for you. Do you really want to be surrounded by strangers when you fall asleep?

Be low-profile

If your retreat site is days away and you’re on foot, don’t build a fire if you don’t have to. Bring warm clothes and outerwear if you anticipate cold nights. Bring hand-warmers and Sterno-type fuel to keep warm and heat food at night. If you must make a fire, try to keep it small and protected. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

Be careful

If you sprain your ankle (or worse!), you won’t have anyone to help you walk. If you fall into deep water with your heavy backpack, you won’t have anyone to help pull you out before you start to sink. Move cautiously and be very aware of where you’re putting your feet. Don’t become an ironic statistic because you survived an apocalyptic disaster just to drown in a river after slipping on a wet rock on your way to safety.

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