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How to Homeschool Your Kids in the Midst of a Pandemic

by Craig
How to Homeschool Your Kids in the Midst of a Pandemic] When a pandemic strikes, life as you know it will be altered. You’ll be forced to make decisions that could impact the health of your family. While certain things may cease to function, you can’t ignore a child’s education. If schools are still operating, you’ll be forced to send your child into the school. During a pandemic, this could be a bad thing for your child and your family because wherever large groups of people congregate, the germs can thrive. This is why when one child gets sick in […]

Five Books on Survival You Should Order Before Your Internet Goes Out

by Craig
Five Books on Survival You Should Order Before Your Internet Goes Out If you’re in a situation with a pandemic or other survival situation and you don’t feel prepared for it, you can stock up your house with books that will help you learn the necessary skills.  At the very least, you’ll have tools that teach you even if you don’t have all of the supplies you’d like to have. OUTDOOR LIFE – The Ultimate Survival Manual – 333 SKILLS That Will Get YOU Out Alive by Simon & Schuster If you want a reference book that helps you learn […]

Do You Have a Generator to Keep Your Family Functioning?

by Craig
You’re going to need a way to have some electricity when there’s no way for you get any. Besides having solar panels in place, you should also have a generator. Not only are these good to have for when a pandemic hits, but they also come in handy during any time the power goes out. The size of the generator you purchase is going to depend on a few different factors. When you need power, you have to figure out what you need the power for – because different appliances use different amounts of wattage. You can find these listed […]

Disinfecting Supplies to Stock Up on for Pandemics

When a pandemic occurs and you fear for your family’s health and safety, it might be too late to get the supplies you need.  Think about those times when a bad storm is headed your way and the store sells out of essentials. With a pandemic, it will be difficult to get the most important things you need, so you need to stock up on them ahead of time and be prepared.  Let’s take a look at the most important things you’ll need to keep onhand. Bleach is an inexpensive solution for cleaning and it kills germs better than just […]

Cover Your Family’s Hygiene Necessities for a Pandemic Isolation Period

by Craig
After food and water, hygiene products are the next items that disappear from shelves when a pandemic strikes. So your odds of getting what you have to have during a time when needs are elevated is slim. You want to prepare now so that you don’t have to fight crowds. Plus, you want to make sure you can stay isolated from them so that you won’t bring any illness back to your own home. You’ll want to figure out how much of each hygiene product your family goes through by adding up what you normally go through in a year’s […]

Buying Your Own Protective Gear for Pandemics

by Craig
When a pandemic breaks out, it’s important that you have protective gear on hand.  Once the emergency happens, it will be very difficult to get what you actually need – so it’s crucial that you’re prepared ahead of time. There are many different items that can help protect you, depending on the type of illness that’s spreading.  In the case of a pandemic that would require this type of equipment, you’ll most likely be looking at a virus that has become airborne – but something like Ebola can be highly infectious in close quarters, and even sweat left on a […]

Building a Separate Attachment for Quarantine Purposes

by Craig
If someone in your family becomes ill, it may be necessary to put them into quarantine.  Of course, you want to take care of your loved ones, but you also want to minimize infecting people who are not ill. If you have a recreational vehicle, a pool house, garage apartment, detached garage, or guest cottage, you’ll have an easy time converting it into a quarantine area.  You’ll start by cleaning out the area to make room for people who are ill and sealing off any exits and windows with plastic sheeting and duct tape. You’ll also want to create a […]

Surviving an Ebola Economy Crash

by Craig
A virus that has no cure is the perfect harbinger of an economic collapse. For those who think it can’t happen in their countries because Ebola is “over there,” then you should know a few facts. The Ebola virus has already left its original boundaries. The experts that are telling you that you have nothing to worry about are already looking worried themselves. In fact, the CDC and WHO knows the potential risks that the Ebola virus can make it outside its host country. This risk is present because of the volume of international travel. That’s why the LAX has […]

Treating the Isolation Patient of Ebola Virus

by Craig
No one should be allowed to leave the tents once they’re quarantined. If you’re the patient, you should make sure you stay put for the required three week period. The Ebola virus is a very serious virus The Ebola virus is a very serious virus and should be treated as such. No matter how much you or other family members or friends care about the person who may be ill, now is not the time to allow visitors. This means that if the person is able to care for his or her needs on their own, they should do that. […]

Isolate and Quarantine at Home in Case of Ebola Virus

by Craig
Whether it’s you or someone else you love, you need to separate yourself from others. The best way that you can do this is by using a tent. Just like the tent that can be used to put in place a 21 day quarantine for new people joining your group, you can use the tent for anyone showing signs of the virus. If it’s yourself, go immediately to the isolation tent and if you’re not prepared, you’ll have to arrange for someone to leave supplies without coming into contact with you. Isolation Tent Is Necessary This is why it’s better […]