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What to Do If You See Ebola Symptoms

by Craig
In the event of an emergency such as the fallout from a pandemic, most people will continue to do what they’ve always done – and in the case of the Ebola virus – doing what they’ve always done can be deadly. Just think, if you’re going to head to the hospital because you think you have Ebola symptoms, where do you think the other people experiencing similar symptoms are also going? Avoid hospital and quarantine center You’re going to remove yourself from what is a safer environment for you to be in to place yourself in a worse one. You […]

Water Purification Methods

by Craig
A quick and effective way to purify water is through the use of purification tablets. These tablets can be bought at camping stores or through online stores. One tablet only purifies one liter of water, so you’ll need to have a bulk supply of these. The shelf life for the tablets is two years – so if you stock up, you’ll have to replace unused ones every two years. If the tablets get wet before being used, they lose their effectiveness. This isn’t an item that you want to use beyond the purification effectiveness date because unpurified water can make […]

Water is Paramount to Your Survival

Every cell and organ in your body needs water to continue working properly. Water leaves the body when you sweat and breathe, so you have to keep replenishing and drinking throughout the day. Dehydration can cause fatigue, dry mouth, and headaches. It can also cause dizziness and lightheadedness, which can be mistaken as signs someone is getting sick. When it comes to survival, the top of your list should always be marked for water. It’s important that you have enough to survive on in the case of a pandemic and you should make sure that you have it stored correctly. […]

Other Areas in the House to Clean

by Craig
Bathroom or toilet area The next area that you should concentrate on sanitizing is the bathroom or your toilet area. Bathrooms are the perfect haven for germs and bacteria to thrive in and it’s one of the easiest places where fluids can splash. Two places that germs often lurk are the toilet handle and the faucets. The reason for this that many people wipe and then touch the toilet handle followed by the faucets. If you or someone else had feces on your hands – even a microscopic amount – then you’ve essentially created a playground for the Ebola virus […]

Sanitizing Your Kitchen to Kill Germs

by Craig
One of the most important areas to keep clean is your kitchen or food preparation area. Food is fuel for the body and can keep you strong and healthy as you wait out the next pandemic. Surfaces that have been coughed on or sneezed on should always be promptly treated with disinfectant. You should try to keep your food prep area as tidy as possible to prevent the germs from landing on an item and being overlooked during cleaning. Counters and cutting boards first The first things you should clean are your counters, any cutting boards, and other food preparation […]

Keeping a Sterilized Environment

by Craig
During an outbreak, it’s vital that you keep your environment as sterilized as possible. Illnesses like Ebola can have an incubation period of days to weeks. This means that you or someone you care about may already be infected with it but show no symptoms. Keeping your living area sterile can help prevent you or a loved one from contracting the illness from each other. Many viruses – including Ebola – can live on surfaces for hours to days after they’ve been contaminated. For this reason, never assume that just because someone isn’t showing symptoms, they haven’t contaminated your environment. […]

Have a Supply of Natural Herbs

by Craig
Vitamins are extremely helpful to have when a pandemic hits, but you also want to have a supply of natural herbs to help keep you healthy. While prescription antibiotics can be helpful, there are two reasons you don’t want to depend on them during a pandemic. The first is because you might not have any access to them. If there are still doctors’ offices and hospitals in operation near you, you’ll have to go there to get the antibiotic if there are even any medications to be had. Don’t rely so much with antibiotics So you can’t depend on that. […]

Treatment for Ailments to Avoid Hot Zones

by Craig
It’s so ingrained in people to head to the store or the doctor when they need treatment for ailments that when they need it, they go right then and there. During normal life, that’s fine – but when there’s a pandemic, that action could introduce them to the Ebola virus. It’s foolish to head right into the hot zone where all of the other potentially sick people are – just because you don’t have what you need at home. That’s why it’s so important that you take stock of what you have and begin to set aside a supply of […]

Protection Is a Must During a Pandemic

by Craig
You’ll need to be aware of any late breaking news in the event of a pandemic. Since you may not be able to count on society working the way it has, you’ll need to make sure that you have items that don’t rely on an electricity infrastructure to operate. Emergency broadcasts will still be done – even if society breaks down during a pandemic. So you’ll want to make sure that you have a solar powered radio. You’ll also want to make sure that you have solar powered flashlights and light sticks so that you can see in the event […]

Safety and Protection in a Pandemic

by Craig
What you’re going to need after you have a plan to provide food, shelter and other basic needs for yourself and your family is to make sure that you have what you need to keep from getting the virus. You’re going to also need a way to protect your personal safety. Whenever a pandemic occurs, there is often a collapse of certain societal norms – such as the ability to get food and water, gas and even money. When that happens, there can be factions of people who decide that they’re going walk outside of the boundaries of the law […]